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Building high-performance engineering & construction teams

Through personalized collaboration with HR, leadership and candidates—we take the time to delve deep and uncover personalities, motivations, aspirations, and skills that lead to meaningful fits and long-term growth. 

How we collaborate

1. Align

Let's kick things off with a one-on-one chat, so you can tell us a bit about your company culture, vision and long-term goals.

2. Select

We'll build you a custom shortlist of high-value, experienced and skilled professionals who align with your company vision.

3. Connect

Review our candidate insights and let us know who you'd like to meet. We'll set it up and prep the candidate, and your team.

4. Hire

We'll support throughout the hiring, negotiation and relocation process—for a quick and seamless transition.

5. Onboard

After you and your new hire get settled in, we'll be checking-in with you and your team to ensure onboarding and fit success. 

Tell us about the job you are trying to fill.

Let's hop on a quick discovery call.


Level-up your workforce, and your brand

Partners in the truest sense of the word, we take a ‘boots to the ground’ approach to build your company rep. We’ll work with you to design an attractive company culture, and position your company as a top-tier employer.

Drive real results, with real people 

So much potential is lost to software filtering. Bring real people into the heart of your process—and make the right calls when it comes to your workforce with pre-vetted matches and the interpersonal insights you need to find the right fit.

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Leverage 'white glove' hiring support

MGR is a founder-facing agency.

Our leadership team shows up personally, investing the sweat-equity needed to truly grasp the DNA of your company—your vision, values, and the very current that courses through your workplace culture.

Partner-level integration that cuts through the clutter—to reveal truly authentic matches.

Partner with Us

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